usual is beautiful...



Privacy, to manifest without shyness.



Infinite sets that excite the imagination.



The colors of harmony in a simple close-up shot.



One idea carried up to the last consequence.


They call it X

Speculation without limits spoils the creative process… it makes the artist a slave of his own production. He sees himself forced to keep a persistent style in time. We cannot be thinking of economic profits while creating a piece of art… we would lose our expressive power.

The overrating of a piece is the main interest to the speculator. For this reason he makes it the object of worship and gives extra sensitive dimensions to it. No one can deny them without looking ridiculous amongst an artificial elite.

That’s why I claim the art of 5 senses, the art that expresses, the art that communicates, the art that gets to everyone and everywhere… We must trivialize the graphic work to its limits, to the point where error becomes inconsequential and there is not point on disguising it for being childish.

Why is it that the relationship between a musician and his song is so different from that one of the painter and his picture? Because music is exported to everyone, it benefits from line production and it’s affordable to every person. The same thing happens to literature, cinema, theater…

No one underrates a good CD recording or a high quality book edition. Even more, many people will claim that a symphony recorded inside a studio, with modern means and listened with good headphones will produce a better quality sound than a symphony played inside a building with an audience or life in the open air; and a novel edited with easy print will transmit the suspense better than the manuscript itself with the handwritten corrections and crossing outs by the author. Direct manifestations may produce other kinds of feelings, sometimes it may be simply snobbism, but they will be, for sure, reactions that are far away from the author’s intentions.

Then... what can we, plastic artists, do? Should we wait to the day one of our pieces is auctioned at Sotheby’s? We cannot wait. We must turn our work into a product that can reach everyone. We won’t give up the big profits, but we won’t prevent the general public from enjoying our work in its entire dimension. We must not allow speculators to invent any more dimensions. We will strip our artwork of that possibility by releasing it from its physical support and by creating with digital means. We will be like musicians and writers. People will buy their mp3, their books and our paintings on either paper or fabric.

I do not want that everybody worship me… all I want is people to see what I do.


  • Photography for personal and agency books.
  • Individual portraits and groups.
  • Events promotional, sports and social.
  • Photography for catalogs and websites of fashion and product.
  • Photography of architecture, interior design and decoration.
  • Reproduction of paintings, drawings and works of art.

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